Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking for great horror books

I'm a big horror fan. I love watching horror movies and reading horror book. I know. I'm a horror freak. I love the feeling of getting scared - even though it doesn't happen a lot now. I miss watching a movie or reading a book that really scares me. That will make me look over my shoulder or keep one eye open when I try to sleep. Or something that will make me sleep with the lights on. But nothing has scared me lately - kind of boring. But there was this movie a few years ago that didn't make me feel alone after watching it. The Stranger from 2008 (I think) Have you seen it? And you know the poster where the guy in the white maskthing is standing in the living - room and watching Liv Tyler (she doesn't know anyone is watching her of course). That scene was so freaking disturbing! I used to get up sometimes at night to drink a glass of water but now I don't dare to do that 'cause I'm afraid that someone will look at me from the living room. The scene is not scary but disturbing. I had trouble sleeping after I saw that movie the first time.

I've seen Paranormal Activity and other similar movies. Paranormal Activity is a great movie but it didn't scare me. I miss that feeling of being scared.

I discovered this trailer last year and I wanted to post it here. It looks like a fun read. I've read a book by Douglas Clegg before. A book called The Hour Before Dark (which was really good). About three siblings that meets again after their dad died in a mysterious way. They stay together in their childhood home and tries to find out what really happened to their dad. (I really recommend that book).

This is a trailer I found on youtube and I really got interested in that book. The trailer looks fun and awesome! The book is called The Attraction and I wonder if has anyone read it? The trailer really make me wanna read it.

And lately I've been looking for really good horror books. That kind of books that scares the shit out of you ... Do you have any suggestions? I would be happy to get horror book recommendations.

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