Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Darkhouse by Alex Barclay - Phew! What a rollercoaster!

Original Title: Darkouse
Norwegian Title: Mørketid
Written by: Alex Barclay
Genre: a crime novel
Written for: Adult
Pages: 352
Published: 2005
Published in Norway: 2006
My Copy:  2006 (Hardcover) 
Publisher: HarperCollins
 I read it: April 28Th – May 5Th 2011
 Source: My own copy 
My Rate: ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠ (9/10 Skulls)

Can't the past just remain past?

After a tragedy happens at work, a detective takes a break from NYPD and takes his family to a quiet place in Ireland. There will NYPD detective Joe Lucchesi spend a year with his family before he goes back to work. He's gonna stay there, spend time with the family and just do ordinary things. He needs a place to calm down after a brutal event.

But the quiet and isolated place in Ireland for the Lucchesi family turns soon to a nightmare. Joe's son, Shaun is 16 and has found himself an Irish girlfriend. But someday she suddenly disappears and she is found murdered several days later in the woods. Shaun is the last person who saw her alive. That makes him the main suspect - which his father Joe, the NYPD detective and his wife, Anna, can't believe that their teenage son is not a murderer. But how are they gonna prove it? And how are they gonna get help to solve the mystery when the Irish community turns their back on them?

This book has a great and fast paced plot. We jump from past and present but not in a messy way. I also love the characters in the book. Especially Joe Lucchesi. He's not one of those typical detectives who drink too much, is separated and stuff.(I love reading about those kinds of detectives too but it's always nice with a change). He is a loving husband and father. Every family has their fight, but I like the way he is. He is trying to remain calm no matter what. He only worries when he believes it's a reason too. He's like a rock and does anything for his family. It's a man that's hard to dislike. He is ordinary and human. Not a detective with so called super powers. He also reminds me a bit about Micky Mouse. He takes his girl on a vacation to relax and thinks it's gonna be a peaceful time but then something happens and the vacation is suddenly over for Mickey Mouse and he has to solve the mystery no matter where he is. In that way Joe Lucchesi and Micky Mouse has something in common. It's a funny thought!

But this time I was absolutely not disappointed!

Alex Barclay is a hell of a writer! The pages was flipping and flipping and it was a really though crime novel. It's a great read for females and males. It's not a bloody thriller but a pshycoligal thriller. I'm definitely gonna read more books by Barlcay and I'm hoping to read about Joe Lucchesi soon!

I really recommend you Darkhouse if you are looking for a great crime novel. I wish I had read it sooner!!!

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