Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dreamcatcher by Stephen King - exciting but also confusing!

My Rate: ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠ (5/10 Skulls)

Original Title: Dreamcatcher
Norwegian Title: Drømmejegerne
Written by: Stephen King
Genre: Horror, sci-fi
Written for: Adult
Pages: 694
Published: 2001
Published in Norway: 2002
My copy: 2002 (Paperback)
Norwegian Publisher:
I read it: July 26 - August 17, 2011
Source: My own personal "library"

Back of the Book

In Derry, Maine, four young boys once stood together and did a brave thing. Something that changed them in ways they hardly understand.

A quarter of a century later, the boys are men who gone their separate ways. Though they still get together once a year, to go hunting in the north woods of Maine. But this time is different. This time a man comes stumbling into their camp, lost, disoriented and muttering about lights in the sky.

Before long, these old friends will be plunged into the most remarkable events of their lives as they struggle with a terrible creature from another world. Their only chance of survival is locked in their shared past – and in the Dreamcatcher.

‘King retains his crown’ Guardian

‘Nobody does it better’ Daily Telegraph

‘Yet another masterpiece from Stephen King … a narrative that never loosens its gip’ Evening Standard

‘King has inspired a whole generation to read. He’s made them read good, witty prose … a fabulous teller of stories who can create an entire new world and make the reader live in it … Dreamcatcher must be one of his best’ Express

Lights in the sky is just ordinary lights, right? Or is it something else?

The childhood friends Jonesy, Beaver, Henry and Pete has been together since they were kids. Even though they have gone separate ways they still meet once a year to go hunting.

On hunting they spend the days in the cabin they call Hole in the Wall. (And at the cabin there's a Dreamcatcher which will be a big part of the story).

One of the friends, Jonesy has had a rough year after getting in a serious car accident which gave him a bad hip. While the other guys are out hunting, he spends instead time up in a tree where he sits and read in a book. All of the sudden he hears a sound. At first he thinks it's an animal coming but instead he sees a lost and confused man. He has been lost in the woods a while and Jonesy brings him in the cabin and takes care of him while he waits for the rest of the guys to come back from hunting. But for some reason Jonesy is unsure of this guy. Something is not right. Before he knows it, a real nightmare begins ...

This is the first publishing after Stephen King himself got hit by a van and almost caused his life. But luckily he survived and he continued writing this book even though he was having pain after the accident.

This book has been standing on my shelf for at least 7 or 8 years so it was about time to read it. Sometimes I forget what books I already have. Oh well... Better late than never. But I've been wanting to see the movie adaption for a long time but first I must read the book. Reading the book after seeing the adaption is kind of wrong for me...I've heard the movie is bad even though that the great Morgan Freeman is in it and Thomas Jane (who also was in another Stephen King movie: The Mist). But we'll see. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna see it anyway.

Light phenomena is something I've always been interested in so that's why I got really curious about this book. It made me think of The X-files which I was a huge fan of (and still am!). That's why I got really high hopes for the book but unfortunately they were a little too high this time. Like most of you know by now I'm also a huge fan of Stephen King! He is my big hero when it comes to authors but this book I'm afraid is not one of his best. I really wanted to like this book but I ended up by liking only parts of it. The beginning was very fast paced but in the middle of the book I got a little lost and I was struggling a bit with the motivation to keep reading. The book wasn't like I had imagined it to be and I got a bit disappointed because of that.

Dreamcatcher didn't answer my expectations completely and somewhere the excitement got a bit slowed down and the book got a bit confusing for me. And some parts were also a little too childish. Through burping, farting and pooping we end up in a crazy and surreal world that is kind of hard to explain with words. Even though Dreamcatcher got a bit too childish and over dramatized, I really did enjoy the beginning and the end. It was very, very exciting parts. Too bad that the middlepart were kind of boring and confusing. At least it was for me. Not the best book by King but still it's an okay read!

Here is a very interesting interview with Stephen King who talks about the book and the accident he was involved in.


  1. Just seen your response to my review of Carrie - thanks for stopping by.

    I have plans to work my way through SK's books now but I think there are others (suggested to me - thank you) that I will be reading before this one.

  2. No problem:) I've been reading his books most of my life but I'm not halfway through yet 'cause he has written so many:) And even though I didn't like this one much I have other books by him that I look forward to read and I'm a big fan of his old works. I hope you will enjoy the discovery of his amazing talent when you read his best books:)


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