Saturday, October 29, 2011

Angel Face by Narinder Dhami - sad and warm read about the different challenges in life

      My Rate: ☠☠☠☠☠☠(8/10 Skulls)

Original Title: Angel Face
Norwegian Title: Englevakt
Written by: Narinder Dhami
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Written for: YA
Pages: 132
Published: 1995
Published in Norway: -
My copy: 1995 (Hardcover)
Norwegian Publisher:
Hjemmets Bokforlag
I read it: September 30 - October 1, 2011


I couldn't find this book on goodreads. So weird ... I thought they had ALL books in there;) But I will try to explain this book with own words.

Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of ...

Aidan is no ordinary teenager. For some reason he is dead and has gone to heaven where nothing happens. That's why he gets really happy when he finally hears he can come back to Earth on his first mission - to help this girl who is caught up in problems. It gets better when he finds out that she is at the same age as him 'cause he is crazy about girls and the girls are crazy about him - or it's least that's what he thinks...

But Aidan turns very disappointed when he sees the girl the first time. He is sent to England where she lives (Aidan lived in US. when he was alive). Aidan is hot, has a lot of charm and really cool. But Catherine, the girl he has promised Heaven to help, is ugly, always sad and useless. She is working every day after school 'cause her mom is sitting in a wheelchair and is mostly at home and feeling sorry for her self. The people from Heaven feels sorry for Chatherine since she has so much to do for her young age. There are always things to worry about. That's why they have sent Aidan back to Earth for only a little while. No matter that he is sent to England and not back to America, he is glad to be back on be alive...even though he knows it's just for a little while. But will he get through this mission without messing everything up?

This is a cozy and at parts a bit sad book. It brings a subject about how we all can try to pretend how it would like to be in someone else's shoes. It doesn't hurt to put things in different perspectives. 'Cause this book is about a guy who is extremely popular, selfish, cool and handsome and he gets this mission to help a girl he never has met before  - who is not that pretty, happy or popular. But during this book he tries to do his best to help her and during the book he even discover new sides of himself.

Angel Face is a book that makes you think, smile and entertain even though Aidan and Catherine has their own problems. The book gives us hints about to be less selfish and be more understanding about the people among us. And even though this book is not a favorite, I will definitely think about it from time to time 'cause it has something important to say.

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