Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top Ten authors I would invite for Thanksgiving

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Norway, but if we did and I got to pick 10 authors to Thanksgiving, it would be:

1. Stephen King - Why? 'Cause he's been my fave author in many years and I love his twisted mind. It would be nice to meet him in person to see if he is scary as his books or normal. It would be fun to see. And I also think we would have interesting conversations.

2. Harlan Coben - 'cause he writes the best thrillers. He is amazing when it comes to twists and turns. He also seem to be a fun guy.

3. Roald Dahl - I read the book The Witches over and over again as a kid and believed in witches. I tried to see the difference between an ordinary woman and a witch. I also loved the movie. I have also read other books by him and short stories. And his parents were Norwegians too.

4. Dean Koontz - Not as good as S.King but I love his books: Intensity and Watchers. And he seems like a nice and interesting fella.

5. Agatha Christie - I read a lot of books by her when I was younger and loved them, esp And then there were none which was to me a creepy read. She has written tons of crime novels and she has traveled a lot. I would like her to tell me about all the places in the world she has been. And how she managed to write so many books!

6. Edgar Allan Poe - 'cause he is the father of horror and I would love to meet him because of that 'cause I'm a true horrorfan when it comes to books and movies. And I would also like him to read the poem:The Raven after dinner.

7. Gregory David Roberts - I read the book Shantaram earlier this year and it's one of those books I'll never forget and some parts of the books is based on his life. He did have a dangerous life earlier and his transformation is unbelievable. What can I say. He is an interesting guy and he could tell me all about Bombay!

8. Bram Stoker - Do I really need a reason at all?!

9.  Mo Hayder - I've read Birdman, The Treatment and Tokyo (now known as The devil of Nanking). And I want to read more of her books. Her books are really dark and crazy, which I love and it would just be fun (and maybe a little scary?) to meet her.

10. Richard Laymon - In his books you never know what's gonna happen and reading his books is pure fun. They remind me of the horror movies between 1970-1990. It's not realistic but very entertaining! 

A lot of male authors on my list and four dead people. It would be hell of a Thanksgiving (esp by the thought of many writes in the horror/thriller genre.) It would be a mix of Halloween and Thanksgiving dinner haha....


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