Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Darke Academy "Divided Souls" by Gabriella Poole - hoping for fourth book!

Original Title: Darke Academy “Divided Souls”

Norwegian Title: -

Written by: Gabriella Poole

Genre: urban fantasy, young adult, romance,

Pages: 298

Published: 2010

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

I read it: March 10th – March 16th (2011)

My Rate: ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠(7/10 Skulls)

Nothing is like the same and it never will be. Cassie is trying to forget all about Ranjit. He has let her down too many times and he's been acting all weird lately. So, she doesn't want to waste more time on him. She's done and wants to move on without him. She is also worried about her friend, and Isabella's boyfriend, Jake, who's been gone from the Academy since last term when he walked away from them in anger. She hasn't seen him since and that makes her feel bad. But at least she has her roomie Isabella and Richard to spend her days with.

In this term, the Dark Academy is in Istanbul and Cassie thinks it's a fantastic and beautiful city. There is a lot to discover. But the city doesn't feel safe when some students suddenly disappears and makes the rest of the students worried and scared. What's going on. And The Few (a group of the most respected, beautiful and the best students) is worried when they don't get to know more than their fellow students. 'Cause they are sure that Sir Alric Darke knows what's going on or know something he won't tell - but why doesn't he share it with them? The Few is students that Sir Alric Darke trust the most and the same the other way around. But when Sir Alric Darke hardly mention anything about the situation about the missing students, the Few gets very worried and demands to know what the hell is going on.

Cassie gets more and more worried when Ranjit is one of the students that doesn't show up. He's known for skipping classes and can be gone for days before he comes back - but he always come back sometime, but when he's gone longer than usual - she's almost sure that something is wrong. But should she really care since Ranjit has let her down so many times and has moved on without him, or at least tried. And what is Isabella, her roomie and best friend, keeping away from her? She is pretty sure that Isabella is having a secret about something but what? Cassie feels like she can't trust anyone anymore. Will everything turn back to normal or will everything get worse?

Blood Ties is the third book (and hopefully not the last!) book in the series. It took me a long time to get into the urban fantasy genre. After I read the first book of Twilight (which was really bad and boring) I just got fed up about modern vampires and other supernatural beings. But after a year or two I wanted to go back to the genre and hopefully find something new and different. Something fascinating. And I did. I discovered the book covers of the Darke Academy one day earlier this year at a book store and I thought the covers looked really cool and the books sounded interesting. I ended up buying the two books in the series to see if I enjoyed and get number three later. And to my surprise. I got really hooked!

When I was done with the first book "Secret Lives" I was glad to have book two "Blood Ties" nearby And when I was in the middle of book two I just had to get number three. I have just fell in love with the characters, especially Cassie, Sir Alric Duke, and Richard. They are loveable characters even though they are extremely different.

Even though I had kind of figured out what was going to happend at the end of Divided Souls, I wasn't dissapointed. I got more dissapointed to know that book four isn't published yet but I hope it will happen. 'Cause I'm totally in love with this series and there's so much more I want to know about many characters and their situations. So, I hope this is not the end for Darke Academy. I would like to be a student there myself.

So, if you haven't read the Darke Academy yet, I highly recommend you to. It's a great series and a mysterious world to eascape in. I easily forgot the time and place when I read it and before I knew it. It was over. Now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping there will come more books from this series. It can't be over yet.

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