Saturday, June 25, 2011

On my WishList (#7)

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The girl next door by by Jack Ketchum


A teenage girl is held captive and brutally tortured by neighborhood children. 

Random Thoughts

Based on a true story that happened in Indiana, USA in the 60s. About a girl and a sister who lives with a woman with seven children while their parents travel so much since they are working at a carnival. The woman who takes care of them get 20 dollars a week to take care f them. But the woman is alcoholic and trouble with other things and get her anger on the two kids she has to take care of while their parents are gone. She also let her own kids be mean to them and neighboorkids that comes in her house when they want. First they are mean to them with only words but then they also get violent to the poor little girls.

As, I said, this book is based on a true story ... but if you want to know the true story and more of it. Then google Sylvia Likens. It's a horrible story!!! Some people are just crazy!

In 2007 there were produced two movies about this story: The Girl Next Door and An American Crime. I haven't seen The Girl Next Door but I've seen An American Crime. I recommend everyone to see it even though it's based on a really, really sad story! But it's a very well made movie with wonderful actors, esp Ellen Page (Hard Candy). You should watch it!

In a dark place (the story of a true haunting) by Ray Garton


Chronicling the most disturbing case of their career, a demonologist team recounts the haunting of the Snedeker family, whose new home harbored an evil past that resulted in poltergeist activity and the possession of their teenage son. 

Random Thoughts

Based on the same story as the movie The Haunting in Connecticut. About a family who moves in to a house and discovers that their new home is a former mortuary. One of their sons got cancer and he sees spirits in the house. Is it just the medicines he is taken that makes him see the spirits or are they real? And what do they want? In the movie the family is called Campbell but in real life they are Snedeker.

I found the discovery episode A haunting in Connecticut real good AND the movie. Many is dissapointed with the movie. I don't understand why - cause I thought it was great. Finally a horror movie for grown ups. I like movies like Scream and where the victims gets killed one by one, but there are so many of them so it was nice and refreshing to see a mature horror movie and I was also satisfied with the cast. Martin Donovan, Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Amanda Crew. It's not a boring movie. I think it's very interesting and I would like to read the book to know what was real and not.

But I think it's a hard book to get 'cause I think it's out of print?

What can I say? I do love horror but I also love books based on real life even though they are disturbing.


  1. Yup, not a fan of horror, but I do occasionally like a good thriller.

  2. Those look interesting. Come visit me sometime. Follower.

  3. heavenisabookstore, who doesn't love horror? :) But I also like good thrillers though

    Grace: I will visit your blog now :)


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