Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Monday! What are you reading? (#1)

A meme hosted by Book Journey

 Books that I read last week: I finished Trapped by Chris Jordan. Not a great thriller but good enough. No more or less. 

Then I wanted to read more books or at least wanted to finish the books that I have started to read but last week was a shitty reading week. I wasn't in the right reading spirit but I hope I will have a better reading week this week. I hate the days that I'm not focused enough to read or too lazy to read anything. It's horrible. But lately the reading spirit has finally started to come back.

Last week I started reading a Norwegian novel by Karin Fossum. Karin Fossum is most knowntfor her crime novels which is also translated in English (at least most of them). But the one I'm reading right now is an ordinary novel (or whatever I should call it). I don't think it's translated in English but If I got the job to give it an English title it would be: House of Fools, The Crazy House or something like that. You probably get the point what it is about.

And another book I want to finish this week is: M is for magic by Neil Gaiman. I've been "reading" it for days now. The reason why I spend so much time on it is because it's a book with short stories which I want to spend more time on and enjoy each and every one of them by taking the time. I don't want to rush through them if you know what I mean.

After reading M is for magic I hope I will have the time to read Tempting Fate by Nora Roberts 'cause I'm waaaaaay behind the summer romance reading challenge hosted by Book Chick City. That challenge started on June 1 and ends the Sep 30 and I've only read one book of eight in that challenge so far. So it's about time to do something about it!

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