Thursday, September 22, 2011

M is for magic by Neil Gaiman - M is truly for Magic!

My Rate: ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠ (8/10 Skulls)

Original Title: M is for magic
Norwegian Title: There is no Norwegian edition
Written by: Neil Gaiman
Genre: Short Stories
Written for: Adult/ YA
Pages: 272
Published: June 26, 2007
Published in Norway: -
My copy: 2007 (Paperback)
Norwegian Publisher:
I read it: September 2 - September 16, 2011  
Source: Bought
Challenge(s): 100 Books in a Year

Back of the Book

A sinister jack-in-the-box haunts the lives of children who owned it, a stray cat does nightly battle to protect his adopted family, and a boy raised in a gravedyard confronts the much more troubled world of the living in this wonderful book of short stories by master storyteller Neil Gaiman.

These eleven stories range from the scary to the whimsical, the fantastical to the humorous – each a different journey in which the reader encounters the rich and wonderful imagination of a writer who knows how to thrill and satisfy his audience.

A magical short stories collection!

It's a bit hard to review short stories collection, I think. It's a bit hard 'cause it's so much to mention and stuff. And the same time I'm afraid to ruin anything for you, such as spoilers and when it comes to a book with short stories, it doesn't have a start, a middle part and an ending. It's not the same as reviewing a "whole" book if you know what I mean.

But as you already know, this is a short stories collection with both short and longer stories created by the vivid imagination of Gaiman. He can write about everything and still hold the interest up to his readers. (Does this sentence make any sense at all? My sentences gets really messy when I explain things in English. Sorry about that). Gaiman can write anything and still be taken serious. That's an unique gift. The stories is from different genres. A little bit of horror, fantasy and humour. It has something for everyone.

If I had to chose three fave stories from the book, it would be kind of hard 'cause many of them  are really great. But the three that I like the most is: The stray cat (a touching and creepy story. I got a little tear in my eye reading the story, actually. That doesn't happen often!) Don't ask Jack (is a simple and very short story. It got a creepy atmosphere that I love a lot). And the last story on my fave list is The Witch's Headstone, which was the story that created the fantastic The Graveyardbook! I read The Graveyardbook (the Norwegian edition) last year. And loved it a lot. It was fun reading the story that was the base ground of The Graveyardbook.

I haven't read that much by Neil Gaiman. I've only read Coraline and The Graveyardbook so far. Coraline was ok. I did like many parts of the story but I found the girl Coraline very annoying. I don't know why. But I truly loved The Graveyardbook. I liked it so much that I had to get the English edition as well, which I'm gonna read next month since I'm gonna read horror books then and other books that I can somehow relate to Halloween. After reading this story collection M is for magic, I do want to read more books by Gaiman. Especially American Gods and Neverwhere. So I will get more books from him, hopefully sometime soon 'cause I understand why he is so popular. He writes in a way that gets the attention of young and older audience.

Before I end this review I want to apologize it's a bit weak and probably messy but it's, like I said earlier, very hard to review a short stories collection without giving away any spoilers and I don't want that to happen. But I do recommend this short stories collection to Neil Gaiman fans and for those of you that are curious about his books. M is for magic has stories for everyone. It's a cozy and at times a creepy read.


  1. I really want to read this one, dont worry about the short review! I know its hard to review short stories! :D

  2. Thanks for your understanding Raimy-rawr. And you should read the collection. It's very good. Hope I get to know what you think about it when you've read it:=

  3. It was trying to make a smileyface like this one :) but I failed lol. Sorry about that:)


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