Sunday, January 2, 2011

100 books in a year reading callenge hosted by Book Chick City. I've signed up!

Okey...This is the first year I'm in a blog challenge and all of the sudden I'm in freaking two challenges hosted by Book Chick City!:) This challenge is about reading 100 books in a year. Wow! I don't know I'll manage it. We'll see. Last year in 2010 (time flies!) I only read 66 books so I have many books to go this year before I reach 100 or more. So I better try to read a little every day but it's fun. Reading books is the funniest hobby there is. I've only read one book so far in 2011, and that is All the pretty dead girls by John Manning. But one book is better than nothing. So I will tell you more about that book later! Stay tuned! And wish me luck:)

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