Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stephen King Challenge by Book Chick City!!!!

OK! Every now and then I visit Book Chick City and read about what they are up to, and to my surprise they have started a Stephen King Challenge! YAY! He is my fave writer and all though I read a few books of him last year and over the years ... THERE IS STILL A LOT to read. 'Cause that man has written many book. I mean, he started to publish books many years before I was born. So I still have a lot of books of him to catch up. So that's why I'm signing up for their Stephen King Challenge! I'm prett excited right now! Too bad I've read most of his classics already, but oh well...There are still a lot of books by him that deserves to be read. I haven't given them my link to their contest yet cause the system is down but I hope they fix it soon. I'm looking forward to this challenge, and I'm going for level 2. 12 Stephen King books in a year. Oh gosh ...I hope I can make it. 'Cause his books are pretty fat :)

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