Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Romance Reading Challenge

I'm in a few reading challenges already this year but it doesn't hurt to join in another one.

And this one is Summer Romance Reading Challenge hosted by Book Chick City. (Seems like I'm joining all of the challenges by Book Chick City soon:)

I'm a horrorfreak and I surprise myself by doing this but why not?

To be honest: I hate romance. I hate reading about it and especially watching the romantic - comedy movies (I don't watch them anymore, but used to when I used to have slumber parties with friends before). I don't like those movies. Boy gets the girl even though they hate each other from the beginning ... blah, blah, blah .... You know the story right?

But I admit when it comes to books I've gotten more and more curious about the paranormal romance genre. The girl is not just a girl and the boy is not just a boy. They are vampires, angels, werewolves, you name it and I think it sounds interesting and I got a few paranormal romance books already on my shelf that I haven't read yet. So this is a great opportunity to do something about it! YAY!

I probably have some other books from other romance genre as well on my shelf which I'm gonna read in this challenge. I don't have the full list ready yet, but the first two books is probably gonna be the two first (two books in one) The Awakening and The Struggle from the Vampire Diaries series by L.L Smith. It's been standing on my bookshelf since last year. And always wanted to read the books 'cause I've been watching the TV-series a while and I love it! I've heard that the TV-series is very different from the series but that's ok. Can't wait to read the books, at least the two first ones and see how I like it.

So, if you want to join Summer Romance Reading Challenge as well. Just go to Book Chick City and you'll see the rules and info there.

This is my reading list which will be updated as I read the books:

4. Fallen - Lauren Kate
5. Evermore - Alyson Noël
6. It had to be you - Stephanie Doyon

7. Abby, my love - Hadley Irwin

8. Angel Face - Narinder Dhami

I haven't reviewed them all here ('cause I haven't had the time). But I got reviews of Fallen, Evermore and It had to be you on my Norwegian Book Blog "I Bokhylla" I just didn't have the time to review Abby, my love and Angel Face.


  1. I signed up! I actually love romance, so this isn't a stretch for me. Good luck!

  2. Thanks. Cool that you've signed up as well:) Maybe I'll learn to like romance more after this challenge? Who knows?:) Good luck to you too:)

  3. Welcome to the challenge! I was like you and never read anything from the romantic genre, but now I do love a paranormal or historical romance - they're good fun and a welcome break from my usual fare of dark urban fantasy or horror :)

  4. Thank you:)
    I've always been sceptical about romance books. But after trying to read some paranormal books I've been thinking, it's not that bad and I love everything about the paranormal and maybe I will like the romance part better with time?
    I've also wanted to try Nicholas Sparks books and something similar but I'm scared that it won't grab my attention. But this challenge is gonna give me great chance to explore the romance genre. Maybe it will be a little paranormal, science fiction and general fiction romance. I like exploring authors and genres I haven't read much of so I'm excited by this challenge even though I'm a horrornerd. I'm considering to join in the urban fantasy and horror challenge of yours as well. Who knows? We'll see. Thank you for stoping by. I read your blog every day:)


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